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Green Jobs in Cornwall: Report from the Green Jobs Summit 2021

Report: Cornwall Green Jobs Summit 2021

On Friday 26 November 2021, representatives from across Cornwall came together to create a new, shared idea for the future of work in the face of both the unfolding climate emergency and the existing employment crisis. The Cornwall Green Jobs Summit combined new national and regional research by Friends of the Earth with expert local perspectives from organisations including Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change and local colleges and universities.

The event, organised by the University of Exeter’s Green Futures Network, Friends of the Earth South West, and the Cornwall Climate Action Network, broke down existing contradictions and disagreement around what Green Jobs mean for employers, employees and young people. Guided by insights from Dr Joanie Willett from the Institute for Cornish Studies, the Summit explored what Green Jobs need to include in order to meet three key characteristics:

  1. Accessible and equitable for all;
  2. Supported by skills and training;
  3. Genuine environmental benefits.

Through facilitated discussion, the attendees collaborated on a new frame for how Green Jobs can respond to the challenges we face locally. This is now an open resource for all to use and share, titled ‘When we talk about Green Jobs, what are we talking about?’ covering six important issues to consider for councils, employers, educators and more:

  1. There is no agree definition of Green Jobs
  2. Green Jobs must be for One and All
  3. Not just Green Jobs, we need Green Careers
  4. Jobs are changing as Cornwall changes
  5. Making existing jobs greener
  6. We cannot achieve our ambitions without real Green Jobs

The report can be downloaded here: Cornwall Green Jobs Report. To find out more and stay up to date with future events contact Peter Lefort at the Green Futures Network: