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A Transect for Trelowarren -Bram Thomas Arnold

Arts and Culture Fellow - Bram Thomas Arnold

A Transect for Trelowarren

Bram Thomas Arnold is an artist who started with walking and kept going, into performance, installation, drawing, academia, broadcasting and writing. Walking has become the foundation of his transdisciplinary practice, a practice that does not restrict itself to traditional notions, boundaries, mediums or modes of practice: it is an ecological form of practice that is simultaneously Conceptual in its methods and Romantic in its outcomes.

For A Transect for Trelowarren he stepped out onto a line, drawn from the Environment and Sustainability Institute to the Trelowarren estate who are in the early stages of a wilding program. He drew, walked and talked the transect into being in collaboration with a transdisciplinary team of researchers from the ESI, comprised of ecologists, geologists, cultural geographers and environmental scientists.  The walk and the work looked to intersect with, and interrogate, transects drawn by the researchers as they measure, count, survey and remotely sense the landscape and its inhabitants. He seeked to uncover what is already there, what could be there and what should be there, creating a composition of narrative gestures and performed texts out of fragmented conversations. 

A Transect for Trelowarren seeked to cut through Cornwall, through the scientific method and through
institutions (be they country estates or universities), with the aim of contributing to an ongoing conversation around conservation and creativity.

 A Transect for Trelowarren has been developed with Arts & Culture Exeter and the ESI in collaboration with Trelowarren Estate.