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Kurt Jackson at the ESI

Kurt Jackson at the ESI  was an exhibition to celebrate Kurt's new painting Taxonomy and Biodiversity and the reinstallation of his water sculpture Cornish Trembling Sea Mat. An exhibition of Kurt's work, including photography and preliminary paintings, ran in the Creative Studio as part of the Creative Exchange Programme. Kurt Jackson attended and read a poem that he wrote to accompany the new painting. 

As one of our most celebrated landscape painters, Jackson has been very generous in sharing his work with the University of Exeter and in particular the ESI.

Some years ago Jackson donated Cornish Trembling Sea Mat a granite sculpture with a sculptural bronze bowl, flowing with water. The sculpture has been reinstalled between the ESI and Camborne School of Mines for staff and students to enjoy whilst crossing the courtyard or sitting outside. In addition to this, Jackson has created a new 3 metre by 2 metre seascape painting Taxonomy and Biodiversity especially for the ESI’s atrium space.

Curated by Claire English for The Creative Exchange Programme, which aims to facilitate collaboration between creative practitioners, the ESI and researchers on our Cornwall Campuses who share an interest in issues of environment and sustainability.


 kurt jackson