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Natural Alchemy

The Natural Alchemy project, a collaboration between Chris Bryan and Oliver Raymond-Barker, is an exploration into process.

The project (May 2013 to June 2014) creates artwork by combining the unique properties of plants, rocks, minerals and metals with the systems and organisms that surround them.

Specific areas of research include the latent potential of natural materials, the innovative use of contaminated waste, the dynamic between autonomous and governed process and the fusion of ancient and modern systems. The work seeks to develop a visual syntax beyond traditional lens- and print-based media, while also drawing on the research and experimentation that has gone before.

The image to the right has been selected for publication in Dark Mountain Volume 5, an anthology of essays, conversations, poetry, fiction and art that challenges the root assumptions of our culture, due for publication in mid-April.

For more details and further striking images, see the project's blog.