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Perspectives on personalised ecology

31 March 2023

An Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI), RENEW and Biodiversity and People network event.

Each of us has a personalised ecology, a set of direct interactions with the natural world that change through the day, the week, the season, and across our lifetimes. The scale and composition of these interactions varies greatly between people, and are shaped by opportunities, capabilities and motivations. These personalised ecologies have a wide variety of impacts both for the individual concerned, and for responses to the biodiversity crisis. Here we bring together a diversity of perspectives on personalised ecology and its importance.


10.00am Tea/ coffee

Welcome and Introduction

Professor Kevin J. Gaston (Environment and Sustainability Institute)


Ethical perspectives on the extinction of experience*

Professor Catriona McKinnon (Politics)


Finding home in the tin slimes: Gt Wheal Seton Settling Tanks as a place of ecological and poetic revelation*

Dr John Clarke (English)


Coastal environments, health, and well-being*

Dr Lewis Elliott (European Centre for Environment & Human Health)


Personal Ecologies: Perspectives from the People's Assembly for Nature*

Alex Hunt (National Trust)

01.00pm Lunch

*20 mins talk + 10 mins Q&A session

 The recording of the event can be viewed here:

We are proud to be celebrating the ESI’s first decade of successful operation and are holding a series of events to mark #esi10 throughout this academic year.