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5 October 202214:00

Working with No 10 and ONS data scientists: data science for public policy by Dr Federico Botta

In this talk, I will present my experience of working with data scientists in 10 Downing Street and the Office for National Statistics. Full details
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12 October 202211:00

Research Software Engineer Community Social

Are you a Research Software Engineer (RSE), or in a similar role? Are you a PhD student who writes code on a regular basis? If so, the RSE Group would like to invite you to their monthly social. Full details
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12 October 202214:00

Deep-learning detection of harmful algal blooms by Dr David Moffat, PML

The detrimental effects of harmful algal blooms (HABs) on the marine ecosystem, human health, and shellfish and aquaculture industry are well known. Anthropogenic activities have led to an increase in frequency, extent and magnitude of HAB activity. Full details
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2 November 202214:00

Design Thinking On Mars: Architecting New Systems for Collaborative Science on the Martian Surface

Sara Schnadt is an artist, designer and systems architect who works on the Mars 2020 Mission at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In her 22-year career in software, she has designed tools that provide wide access to civic data sets in the arts, digital journalism, data science for scientific research, and earth-observing and solar system aerospace. Since joining JPL in 2017, Sara has designed a system architecture for mathematical model management for use in mission planning for the Europa Clipper mission. She has also designed and implemented an architecture across the Mars 2020 ground system that, for the first time, formally captures science intent in the science team’s planning and analysis tools.. Full details
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