The University provides a range of family friendly initiatives and policies to help working parents, including flexible working, and childcare vouchers and facilities.

Returning to work

If you wish to return at a date other than that already notified, then you must give your Human Resources Business Partner/Manager at least 8 weeks’ notice in writing of your date of return.

You may not return to work within two weeks of the birth of child for Health and Safety reasons.

On return to work a further maternity risk assessment should be carried out.  The University regards it as best practice to offer a risk assessment to all returning mothers even if they are returning after 6 months or are not breastfeeding.

Adjustments to working patterns

If you work full time and want to return to work on a part time basis after your maternity leave, or to request other flexible working arrangements, you should discuss the options as soon as possible with your Human Resources Business Partner and your College Dean/Head of Service in accordance with the procedure for the right for parents and carers to request adjustments to working patterns.

You will normally return to the same job that you did before your maternity leave on the same terms and conditions (eg salary, hours, grade). However, in the rare occasions when this is not possible, you will be offered a similar job on terms and conditions comparable to your previous job.

If you decide not to return to work you must give at least the amount of notice that you are required to give under your contract of employment. It will help your line manager if you let them know as soon as you are sure.

Read the guidance on how to request flexible working.

University Maternity Pay (UMP)

You are entitled to receive Statutory Maternity Pay and Maternity Allowance for up to 39 weeks even if your employment ends, as long as you don't start work again during this period. If you receive University Maternity Pay, the University may reclaim from you all or part of the non-statutory element of this maternity pay if you fail to return to work for at least 3 months following your maternity leave (or an equivalent period of time if you reduce your hours). This excludes any non-working periods (eg KIT days, parental leave, vacation time for term time only workers).

Please see the University policy on overpayments for details on how the money would be repaid by you to the University.

Breastfeeding and expressing milk

We provide a room for nursing mothers on each of our three campuses - find out about nursing mothers' rooms.
Under the Equality Act 2010 the University has a legal duty to provide suitable rest facilities for breastfeeding mothers.

Further benefits

  • If you have taken any Keeping in Touch days whilst on maternity leave, please complete PD25 and return it to Human Resources at least 2 weeks before the date you are due to return to work.
  • You may also be eligible for parental leave during your child's first eighteen years. Please see the parental leave section for more information.
  • Your partner may be eligible for additional paternity/maternity support leave and pay if you return to work before the end of your SMP period or if your baby was due on or after 5th April 2015 then you and your partner might be able eligible for shared parental leave,
  • Childcare vouchers are available for employees to purchase via a salary sacrifice arrangement of up to £55 per week (£243 per calendar month) without paying tax or NI Contributions on this sum.