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Nursing rooms

We provide a room for nursing employees on each of our three campuses. Under the Equality Act 2010 the University has a legal duty to provide suitable rest facilities for breastfeeding employees.

They are equipped with a chair where you can breastfeed or express milk, and a fridge which is solely for the storage of expressed milk.

These rooms also contain a bed. Pregnant mothers and nursing employees can use these rooms to rest.  

If you have any issues with the Nursing room please contact the Health and Safety Team and/or log maintanence issues with Campus Services

Please note that these rooms are also first aid rooms.

Old Library Building, the room is now on the lower ground floor, room -1.02 (marked first aid room). You can access it from the back of the building, opposite the side of Hatherly (swipe card access) and go through the door marked the Education Incubator or from the main entrance to the Old library (ground floor), go through the front door and through the  double doors in front of you. Continue down the corridor on the left hand side of the building until you reach a set of stairs (on your left). Go down one flight and through the door marked The Education Incubator (on the right hand side), the room is the first door on the right. Please note that we have requested new signage for this new location. See the Streatham Campus map