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Recruitment and selection

An effective and professional recruitment and selection process is vital to recruiting and retaining the quality staff that the University needs to remain successful in the future. Here you will find all the information you need to successfully undertake this process in partnership with Human Resources. In the first instance contact your Recruitment Lead/Coordinator, they will guide you through the process and be able to offer you valuable advice. 

The following types of recruitment follow different procedures, please click on the appropriate link for assistance with your recruitment:

Specialist types of recruitment
Researchers Chair appointments
  Campus Services

Vice Chancellor's introduction

The right recruitment and selection decisions have always been important in our highly competitive part of the HE sector. But never as crucial to Exeter as now.

We have a demanding Institutional Plan. To meet it we must be able to:

  1. Attract and spot the right potential academic staff with the track record or potential and commitment to produce research of international standing and
  2. Whilst we are fortunate in having a reputation as a good employer, locally competition for non-academic staff is growing increasingly fierce in Exeter

In both respects appointment panels have a key role to play in maintaining our high standards.

Looking for and selecting staff, using merit as the sole criterion, is a key element in advancing your College or Service - its efficiency and effectiveness, its staff and student morale, its research profile, its student retention and success rates, its ability to attract funding. The staff you are selecting now might carry on the University for upwards of 30 years. And the wrong person could wreak havoc in your department for just as long if remedial action were not taken.

By various means we are striving hard to create a university that values diversity and provides equality of opportunity. I have long experience of these issues and I assure you that they are high priorities for me. We have significant under-representation in many areas and selection must be genuinely fair to help overcome this. Staff are role models for our students and we have an important job in addressing the stereotypes of the past; for example, where professions are genderised.

I have been at this University long enough to have formed the view that there is significant potential to sharpen up our recruitment and selection work. That is why we are requiring everyone who will be part of a selection panel to participate in learning about the topic and to reflect upon their own practice.

Professor Steve Smith
Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive

Recruitment Lead/Coordinator