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Business rules for engaging workers

The University requires all managers to apply the Business Rules for engaging workers (e.g. permanent, temporary, casual, agency, self-employed) in all circumstances unless they have prior approval to make an exception. Details of the Business Rules can be found here.

Exceptions to the business rules are set out in the guidance, or you can clarify with your Recruitment contacts or the Temporary Resourcing Unit. To apply for an exception you must complete BR1 Exception to Business Rules and return to

The Business Rules also require managers to apply the University’s standard rates of pay/scales in all circumstances. Requests for an exception to this rule must submitted by completing Form and forwarding the completed form to

There are quite complex legal requirements and restrictions around the engagement of all workers, and therefore it is important that guidance and processes in place are considered and followed BEFORE anyone is engaged to undertake work for the university. The Business Rules should therefore be considered alongside guidance relating to Employment Status, the Standard rates of Pay, the A-Z of Contractual Terms and other university guidelines relating to the recruitment of workers.