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Service level agreements

Christmas Processing dates 2023

  1. Raising ESR1’s for new or replacement posts: allow 3 working days

  2. Advertising of jobs: allow 5 working days (please note this is from the point the ESR1 is fully approved in the system subject to job specification and advert text being attached)

  3. Sending applications to panel after job closes: allow 2 working days

  4. Inviting candidates to interview: allow 2 working days. Candidates should be given at least 1 weeks notice of their interview to allow for sufficient preparation, please factor this into your planning, including the 2 days the recruitment team need to send the invites 

  5. Confirming to panel who is attending interview: no less than 2 working days before interview date

  6. **Note to Line Manager: Start date must be at least 10 days after the ESR1 appointment tab is completed, any exceptions to be discussed with your recruiter**

  7. Sending of employment offer paperwork: 5 working days (from the point the ESR1 appointment tab is completed and any salary exceptions are approved)

(We will endeavour to work to these time-frames, however during very busy periods we may need more time to action the steps above - your recruiter will be in contact if this is necessary)‌