Advertising costs

Press advertising can be very expensive and prices and deadlines change frequently. Online advertising has advantages over traditional forms of advertising - it is cheaper and a more flexible product, you can publish an advert when it suits you, and lots of flexible packages are available to suit your budget.

Think carefully before using press advertising, it is certainly appropriate in some instances. Think about the audience you are trying to reach:

  • who are you trying to target with your advert?
  • are you just letting your contemporaries know your area is investing in staff?

Print adverts in academic journals give you optimal reach and impact within your target market.

The advertising costs table gives you a rough idea of cost. The design and length of your advert will affect the cost of a press advert, please use these as a guideline only.

People are often surprised by how expensive advertising is, consider your budget carefully. The University is a member of UAG (Universities Advertising Group). The site is provided by the Universities Advertising Group (UAG), a consortium of universities, including the University of Exeter. As founder members of this group we are able to receive advertising on this site free of charge. aim to post an advert on their site within 48 hours of receipt. Additional logos or enhancements carry an extra charge.

Purchasing of advertising

Advertising is purchased centrally through Human Resources and our Recruitment and Administration Manager will liaise with our supplier, Penna. Penna book on our behalf and ensure we receive the very best price. Penna's deadlines are different to the publication deadline; Penna will set our adverts, and, if we are sending a file from the design studio, check the file before booking to space with the publication.

Human Resources will raise a purchase order and then re-charge you through APTOS. It is important that the cost code you supply on the eSR1 is set up and valid, it should contain L30 in the detail.

Further information

If you would like more information or advice about advertising, you can email Human Resources, alternatively you can talk to your Human Resources business partner who will liaise with the Recruitment Manager on your behalf.