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Checklist of remote working (UK only)

Checklist for employers and employees to use when setting up remote working (UK).  A printable Checklist for setting up remote working (UK only) is available to add dates of completion and actions if helpful.

1 Employer should make sure employee has or is provided with necessary equipment and technology and agree who will be responsible for costs.
2 Employer to make sure IT support is in place, including providing any necessary training.
3 Employer to provide guidance and any policies around work equipment and technology. For example, how to report any IT issues and rules around data protection and information security.
4 Employee to check there are no issues working from home with their home insurer, mortgage provider, landlord or tax authorities.
5 The employee should carry out a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment of their remote workstation.
6 Employer and employee to agree any arrangements around expenses, including what can be claimed, how, when and what is taxable.
7 Agree how and when to communicate with each other.
8 Agree how performance will be monitored and managed.
9 Agree how often the employee will attend the main place of work.


  1. when and how often the remote working arrangement will be reviewed
  2. when any trial period will be assessed
what will happen if there are any issues with remote working arrangements

If a permanent remote working arrangement is agreed, employer to ensure this is stated in the employee’s contract and signpost to the Remote Working Policy.