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Ways of Working Policies

To help achieve our vision of being one of the world’s leading universities, we want to attract and retain the best talent, and continue to build a world class workforce. We enable our managers to build flexible teams whilst creating a positive working environment in which all our staff can succeed. We achieve this in order to maximise efficiency, improve service delivery, develop relationships, and provide a satisfactory work-life blend for staff.

Many employees have shown how quickly they can adapt and in those who worked from home, use technology, to continue to perform while working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, and do not want to return to less flexible pre-pandemic working arrangements.

This guidance provides an overall framework to enable University business to be carried out in a more efficient and effective way, providing staff with the flexibility to work in the best way for them and their teams, and provides a more personalised and inclusive approach to meet the needs of staff, and the services they deliver.

The University is committed to moving to a more virtual workforce where outputs are the measurement of success and not time worked. This will be a cultural shift from the University’s previous ways of working.

The University also has space constraints as we continue to grow our student and staff numbers, allowing staff to work from home where appropriate will ease the pressure on campus spaces and enable the University to change room usage to develop more creative and collaborative spaces.

These policies should be read alongside the Ways of Working webpages which provide more detail.