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University Community and Citizenship

Strategy 2030 is committed to using the power of our education and research to create a sustainable, healthy and socially just future. The University is its people, and Community is one of the core values.

It is therefore crucial that Ways of Working builds upon the vibrant university community comprising of both staff and students that was in place before the pandemic. Supporting our students face to face through teaching and academic support as well as additional professional and personal support is crucial.  We need to safeguard face to face teaching and the feeling of community across the University.

This feeling of community is not only created by academic staff but by each and every employee of the University.  Everyone must take a role of being an active citizen of the University and it is for this reason that the number of staff working entirely remotely is the exception and not the norm.

Looking forward, the use of space on our campuses will adapt and Workplace 2030 is looking at the possibility of creating ‘village greens/neighbourhoods’ which will provide space for all staff groups to work together creatively and collaboratively. 

All staff have a role to engage, listen and act in this process. We ask that you feed in ideas through active engagement and that we work together to create a vibrant and stimulating physical community.