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Data Security

Working from different locations is an increasingly common practice as staff are being more flexible in their approach to their work. When working off campus there are several factors which need to be considered to ensure that the information you process is safe and secure.

Staff are responsible for ensuring they adhere to Information and Data Protection legislation and relevant University information security policies, when undertaking their role for the University. 

Employees who are working at home are responsible for keeping information associated with our organisation secure at all times. Specifically, hybrid/remote workers are under a duty to:  

  • practise good computer security, including using a unique password for your work laptop [and any other devices you use for work];  
  • keep all hard copies of work-related documentation secure, including keeping documents locked away at all times except when in use; and 
  • ensure that work-related information is safeguarded when working in public spaces, for example by:  
  • positioning your laptop so that others cannot see the screen;  
  • not leaving your laptop unattended; and  
  • not having confidential/business-sensitive conversations in public spaces. 

 In addition, the laptop [and other equipment] provided by the university must be used for work-related purposes only and must not be used by any other member of your household or third party at any time or for any purpose. 

Key points to remember 

  • Be mindful of your surroundings and who can see your screen or overhear you. 
  • Make sure your passwords are secure and up to date. 
  • Remember that best practice protects all data not just personal data. 
  • Get in touch with information governance if you want or need advice. 

Remember that university policy applies to all work conducted on behalf of the University irrespective of location. Information Governance are always available to help if you have specific questions. 

For more guidance please make use of the information governance SharePoint site which is full of useful information.