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University of Exeter and Exeter UCU agreement 17 July 2023

1. Exeter UCU will:

1.1 Call off the strikes commencing on Monday 17th of July 2023.

1.2 Call on members who cannot or will not meet the extended deadline (below) to mark and park with a commitment to return marks as soon as possible after the marking and assessment boycott is suspended or ended.

1.3 Call on members to prioritise marking as follows:

1. final year dissertations;
2. Other finalists, starting with large modules, by credit size and numbers of students;
3. Non-condonable modules;
4. Modules required by Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs);
5. Progressing students’ large modules
6. Other progressing students.

1.4 Cease campaigning on withholding pay deductions and submit no further demands on this issue.

1.5 Encourage colleagues to complete the marking and submission of ref/def papers of colleagues who cannot meet the extended deadline (below) because of sickness or emergency leave.

1.6 Issue communications expressly discouraging participants in the degree ceremonies from disrupting ceremonies by showing overt support for UCU’s industrial action and withdraw the provision of supporting material to be displayed in graduation ceremonies such as pink sashes etc

2. In return the University will extend the deadline for the 20 day cap on withholding pay (as set out in our 6 July 2023 message) to 31 July 2023, where members:

2.1 advise their academic leader* that they have resumed marking no later than Tuesday 18 July 2023 (or on the first day back after leave) and complete all outstanding marking by 31 July 2023.

(*Note: in the first instance you should email your Head of Department. In the absence of your Head of Department, you should email your Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education).


2.2 submit ref/def papers by 31 July 2023.

3. Where colleagues cannot comply with the revised deadlines in [2] above because, on or before Tuesday 18 July 2023, they are:

3.1 on sick leave, having followed in full the reporting requirements set out at including recording in iTrent and, where appropriate, provided supported medical evidence;


3.2 booked emergency leave, having followed in full the procedures set out at

then, subject to the approval of the Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Deputy PVC, the dates for notification to the academic leader and for completion of marking in [2] above will each be put back until the employee’s return to work, up to a maximum of 2 weeks.

Colleagues on extended sickness absence should return any exams/moderating to their Education Hub for reassignment.

4. Where colleagues continue to participate in the marking and assessment boycott beyond 31 July 2023 (except where [3] applies), pay will continue to be withheld indefinitely from 1 June 2023, at 50%, or such amount that may be decided by UEB, as set out in the University’s policy on the withholding of pay for action short of a strike.

5. UCU and UEB will communicate this agreement to the staff and student communities through a jointly agreed statement.

6. To provide colleagues additional time to respond to the extended deadline in [2] above, the maximum number of days pay which will be withheld in the July 2023 payrun will be 10 days (at 50%).