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Impact at Meetings



Personal Effectiveness


Developing Yourself and Your Career

About this course:

Even people with a firm grasp of the issues and a wealth of ideas can have trouble getting heard at meetings.

The problems are generally around personal confidence, the behaviour of others and aspects of the organisational culture.

The result can be personal frustration and meetings that don't deliver the goods.

Learning Outcomes: This session will help you to tackle the obstacles and make more of an impact.

It will give you valuable insights into the interpersonal dynamics of meetings.

It will boost your confidence whether in person or on screen and equip you with straight forward techniques for contributing to discussions in a style that does justice to your content and lends it weight.

Topics addressed on the course include:.

- Understanding what the audience wants and need to know.

- Influencing without authority.

- Understanding personal status and hierarchies.

- Flexing communication style to suit a range of audiences and contexts.

- Developing confidence.

- Strengthening vocal and physical presence.

- Achieving greater impact and influence with superiors and team members.

Who should attend this course? This course is designed for all staff groups - Academic or Professional Services staff - and all grades.

Presenters: Vox Coaching ( Vox coaches are experts in helping people to communicate in their own style - but with more skill and a dash of inspiration.

Learning Provider: This course is administered by People Development.

Please contact for further information.

13/06/2024 Streatham: Old Library, Research Commons A & B 13:30 16:30 Free Vox Coaching Fully booked

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