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Accepting and Embracing Change



Personal Effectiveness.


Working within a team.

Course Overview: An inspirational and thought provoking workshop to better understand your unique reaction to change and why; how you can take control of how you respond to change and challenges of life and your emotional wellbeing.

You will also know what it takes to truly be an influential figure who makes things happen with a clear focus to those things you do.

Finally, by using a tried and tested `toolkit' you'll know how to process personal and organisational change professionally and constructively.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:.

- Know how your personality impacts your reaction to change.

- Know how to develop a positive and growth mind-set towards change and in your life.

- Know how to respond appropriately to change and challenges in life.

- Know what it takes to be really proactive and an influential person.

- To have a number of 'tools' to use to effectively rationalise change.


Any member of staff who wants to understand the psychology of change, how to respond professionally to change and be a continually improving person.

Pre-work Requisites:

At the beginning of the workshop you will be asked to share your one lightbulb moment or insight from the videos you watched:.

Did you know 2019 - (6 minutes) .

Who moved my cheese (15 minutes) .

One of the following (or both):.

Overcoming resistance to change - isn't it obvious (6 minutes) .

Jason Clarke - Embracing change (18 minutes) .


The course PowerPoint to be sent to all delegates pre course so they can either print to make notes or makes notes electronically.


Bernard Genge


3 hours

Course Administration:

This course is administered by People Development; please contact for more details.

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