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Health and Safety: Evac Chair Training (Fire Safety)



Personal Effectiveness


Health, Safety and Environment

About this course:

To provide the delegate with the practical knowledge required to use an Evac Chair, to help people who need physical assistance to leave the building in an emergency.

This is a practical course and will require the movement of staff in an Evac Chair down an internal stairwell at your place of work, suitable clothing (trousers) that allows free body movement and flat shoes will be required to undertake this course.

Following this course, staff will be required to inform their Person in Charge (Fire Safety)(PiC) they have received training and maintain familiarisation on the use of the Evac Chairs by attending a minimum of annual practical training organised by their line manager or building PiC.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the session you will:.

- Be able to use the Evac Chair in a safe and effective manner.

- Explain how the Evac Chair fits in to the building evacuation procedure.

- Describe how the Evac Chair can be used for different scenarios, such as using it as a wheelchair.

- Develop confidence, knowledge and appreciation of what it is like to be transported in an Evac Chair.

Who should attend this course:

Predominantly for the building's fire safety team of PiC/Deputy PiC/Fire Marshal/Evacuation Officers who are employees of the University of Exeter working at Streatham or St Luke's Campus.

All employees are welcome to attend and are encouraged to become Fire Marshal/Evacuation Officers as well.


A suitably trained member of the Fire Safety Team.

Before the course:

All employees are encouraged to become Fire Marshal/Evacuation Officers.

Learning Provider: This course is administered by People Development; please contact for more details.

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