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Health and Safety: Fire Marshal & Evacuation Officer



Personal Effectiveness


Health, Safety and Environment

About this course:

The PiC/DPiC is responsible for recruiting and organising a team of Fire Marshals to facilitate the evacuation of their building and report necessary information to Estate Patrol and the Fire Service responding to a fire event.

Evacuation Officers are drawn from the team of Fire Marshals.

The Fire Marshal / Evacuation Officer course will provide staff delegated these additional responsibilities in their workplace, the knowledge, understanding and confidence to fulfil their duties.

In all fire events / alarms there is always a degree of confusion, after this course you will be confident of what to do when a fire alarm activates to lead and support others to exit the building.

You will also gain enhanced knowledge in fire safety management of your place of work, the regular visual checks required to ensure the means of escape are always clear and usable, the fire response teams in place at the university and what happens when a fire alarm actuates.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the session you will be able to:.

- Explain the roles of Evacuation Officer and Fire Marshal.

- Describe what to do if you discover a fire.

- Describe what to do if you hear a fire alarm.

- Explain the role of Estate Patrol.

- List daily and weekly fire safety actions that are required.

Who should attend this course:

Employees of University of Exeter.

Employees of third parties where co-ordinated emergency plans are in place.

Employees who are based at our Penryn campus should sign up for the Fire Warden Training on Penryn campus: .


A suitably trained member of the Fire Safety Team.

Learning Provider: This course is administered by People Development; please contact for more details.

This course occurs on the following dates
12/08/2024 Delivered Online 10:00 11:30 Helen Asher
Nigel Deasy
09/09/2024 Delivered Online 10:00 11:30 Helen Asher
Nigel Deasy
14/10/2024 Delivered Online 10:00 11:30 Helen Asher
Nigel Deasy
11/11/2024 Delivered Online 10:00 11:30 Helen Asher
Nigel Deasy
09/12/2024 Delivered Online 10:00 11:30 Nigel Deasy
Helen Asher

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