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Health and Safety: Laboratory Spillages



Personal Effectiveness


Health, Safety and Environment

About this course:

This course is designed to provide lab users with the experience and knowledge to respond appropriately to laboratory spills.

After a brief interactive information session all participants will be given the opportunity to use spill kits on real spills within the lab.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:.

- Identify types of spill.

- Respond appropriately to different types of spill.

- Use laboratory spills kits.

Who should attend this course:

This course is designed for all wet lab users.

As well as covering the theory relating to what sort of spills may be encountered and how to approach the situation safely there will also be a chance to practice using the equipment.

This course is also suitable to those who handle or use chemicals on a laboratory scale such as stores and workshop staff.

Large environmental spills such as fuel leaks are covered by trained campus services personnel and are not covered in this course.

This course can be run outside of term time in teaching labs at Streatham, St Luke's and Penryn.

If you can assemble a group of 8-16 lab users please contact who will try to fulfil your request.


Charles Harrison, Mike Wetherell

Before the course:

There is no specific pre reading however it will be helpful if you think about what kinds of chemicals you use and any spills you have seen before.


Handouts and worksheets will be provided.

Equipment for practicing using spill kits will also be provided.

Learning Provider: This course is administered by People Development; please contact for more details.

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