Welcome to the University of Exeter Business Administration Network

The University Business Administration (UBA) Network is a formed of staff from teams right across the University of Exeter from every college and service. These staff are professional administrators who are interested in working together and learning from each other to develop themselves and their roles.

The UBA Network is coordinated by a steering group who are Rebecca Thomson (Chair), Laura Hames (Deputy Chair), Rob Hart (Secretary), Roo Haywood Smith, Rachael Cameron, Helen Wonnacott, Katie Bone, Richard Daniels, Ellie Pickering, Becky Jones, Jane Browning, Jill Weller and Nina Sidney-Wicks. This group is sponsored by Karen Ball the College Registrar for Social Science and International Studies. The Steering group arrange whole Network meetings as well as working with the Learning and Development team, the Communications team and others to create content to support and inform administrative staff in their roles. More details about the steering group can be found in the UBA Charter.

A key feature of the network is to enable administrative colleagues to be able to share ideas and best practice in order to grow the strength of the University of Exeter’s administrative capabilities and the individuals. This is done through face to face events and activities and exploring virtual fora to host discussions and share information working with Exeter IT to understand the opportunities.

The main focus of the UBA Network is its members as that is what a network is and you’ll be able to find contacts through this website. The steering group will also seek to keep you informed of opportunities for training, development and chances to engage with the wider network through this website and through regular news updates.

If you are a staff member and not already a member of the UBA Network and you think it would be useful please get in touch at UBANetwork@exeter.ac.uk and you will be added to the group. Should you move on and want to leave the group please use the same link.