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Terms and Conditions - Bespoke design and website development

If there is a budget available (either via project or university funding) , the University’s in-house Multimedia Design Studio can build bespoke WordPress websites and themes, this includes design, development, SEO, and accessibility.

Examples include:

The Multimedia Design Studio also work with the University’s framework of approved external agencies who can also develop and build Wordpress websites and themes.

Once created the sites are hosted by the University’s approved external hosting company (currently £150 per year).

Each site will require a dedicated and assigned website ‘Site Owner’.

The ‘Site Owner’ will be made ‘Administrator’ on the new WordPress website. Your website designer is also set to an ‘Administrator’, but their access is for development only, and their duty does not extend to the day-to-day running of your website.

Site owners agree 

  1. To be the key contact for the Multimedia Design Studio for any web or hosting related payments, and/or hosting and domain renewals. If the key contact changes roles or leaves the University, the Multimedia Design Studio must be made aware of the replacement key contact. 
  2. To monitor website content, ensure it is up-to-date, well-written and correct. The Multimedia Design Studio accepts no responsibility for content on your website.
  3. The data your website collects is not used in a careless or unsecure way. Personal data will not be stored on the website without up-to date security and technical measures in place and in line with the University’s Information Security Policy.
  4. To add/approve/deny/remove any further ‘Administrators’ or ‘Editors’ allowed to access and edit the website. As Site Owner you must remove any user with access to the website who have changed roles or have left the University.
  5. To ensure all site Administrators and Editors are using passwords that are of a very high standard. We recommend you use the password generator WordPress offers in the User area of your website.
  6. Keep up with occasional WordPress maintenance and housekeeping. The WordPress platform routinely offers you the opportunity to update the “core” WordPress files with a click of a button. This includes occasionally updating WordPress plugins to help keep your website secure.
  7. You are free to add WordPress Plugins to the website, but as Site Owner you must approve/deny use of new WordPress plugins your website uses and use common sense when choosing the right plugin for your website (ie. Poorly rated or non-WordPress approved plugin may cause issues with your site). Please delete any deactivated plugins that you are no longer in use on the site.
  8. The hosting company backup your site every day and backups are available for 30 days, but we also recommend routine backups are made by the Site Owner and a copy of their working website is kept safe and secure and stored local to you – ie. Not on the website but on your own computer. The Multimedia Design studio web designer can assist with this procedure if required.
  9. To abide by the University’s WordPress Service Terms & Conditions.

The Multimedia Design Studio adhere to the University’s Policies and procedures such as: Social Media Policy and  Social Media Guidance, as well as:

From June 2022, all new websites created by the Multimedia Design Studio are checked for accessibility compliance WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) using AChecker. WordPress and certain plugins do not always comply with these higher levels/standards, however, the theme we create will pass tests at time of creation. Exceptions may include special features or requests from the client, such as special fonts. Websites created by the studio are routinely checked and fixed, if applicable.

Contact the Multimedia Design Studio for more information.

February 2023. The Multimedia Design Studio reserve the right to make changes to this page at any time.