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Adding new pages

1) Adding new pages


  • In T4 webpages are referred to as 'sections'
  • To add a new section, hover over the yellow dropdown arrow in the content tree and select 'add a section'
  • Populate the following fields on the next page
  • Name will appear in the navigation menu of the live site
  • Output URI sets the URL for the page - not mandatory and should be left alone once page is live
  • Status field should be 'approved' if you want the page to go live - make this 'pending' if not ready to publish
  • Show in navigation should be left checked if you want the page to appear in site navigation - uncheck to hide the page from the navigation
  • Some fields can be ignored: SEO Key phrase, default workflow, eForm section, archive section and content owner
  • Click the add button to save your section