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Profile gallery

11) Profile gallery


  • Profile galleries display photos and text - they are not for use with holding images or too-small images
  • 2 content templates are required to set up the a profile gallery
  • First, add a 'Profiles container code' template to the page - simply populate the 'name' field before adding and approving
  • Then you can add 'profile item set' template - each set stores 8 profiles 
  • On the 'profile item set' populate the following fields:
  • Title - keep this to person's name only
  • Profile text - this needs to be concise or will display incorrectly - if you really need to add more information you can do this using the 'read more' link field
  • Select a 465x465 image from the media library
  • Alternatively, you can embed a YouTube video if no photo is selected
  • Repeat the process and set up a new 'profile set' for further profiles