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Climate and Environment Emergency

During Challenges Online Week, students from across the world worked remotely on a group project to address an aspect of their Challenge. As part of their project, students created outputs including podcasts, social media campaigns, websites and apps and presented their work in the form of a video. The projects that the students produced in the Climate and Environment Emergency Challenge are shown below

2020: Climate Crunch

Website sharing a diversity of stories about climate change in preparation for the next UN Climate conference

2020: Green Load

Raise awareness and educate on Greenwashing through a podcast and social media, such as Instagram

2020: Save Our Chocolate

Interactive storybooks for children on different aspects of the climate emergency

2020: EnergyExe

Composing a letter to the University, as well as posters encouraging the University to reduce its energy usage 

2020: Waste Monster

Proposal for app and social media campaign to track recycling across the University campus 

2020: The Real Cost of Food

Social media campaign to educate students & persuade the University to have carbon footprint labels on food 

2020: Cold. Hard. Facts.

Website (in three languages) to educate and debunk climate myths 

2020: Vote Earth

Video and article analysing the decisions made by world leaders 

2020: Mosqui-track

Designed an app to track the spread of mosquito-borne diseases in correlation to the changing climate 

2020: OSADDN

Website and summary document for policy makers to manage climate-related risk to agriculture in Vietnam

2020: Futurephilia

Interactive and educational website aimed at secondary school students to learn about urban sustainability 

2020: Agri Impacts

Awareness campaign and website to educate people on the impacts of the agricultural industry on land use specifically focussing on dietary choices 

2020: Pump It Up

Installation of a large scale water source heat pump from the River Exe to replace campus' current heating system

2020: Climate Change Mythbusters

Video clips combatting six different climate myths


2020: Bangladesh Broadcast Service

Proposal to introduce broadcasting service to rural communities in Bangladesh


2021: Sustain-a-city: Use Your Voice

An app that offers and rewards you for the choices that you make

2021: Ourchitects

How individuals and communities can make changes to adapt our cities for climate change

2021: Perennial Lifestyles

Aims to introduce those who are sceptical of eco-friendly activities to things that suit their interests

2021: Tully's Chronicles

Interactive children's book to educate children about environmental issues from a very early age

2021: Finding Home Again

Children's schoolbook debunking the myth that environmental impacts only effect foreign countries

2021: Team Energised

Implementation of smart meters in all university accommodations to help cut down on emissions

2021: Eco-Interact

Introduce a media and in-person interactive campaign to raise awareness of the impact of our daily lives

2021: ECOllaborate

Climate conscious social app encouraging people to work together to improve sustainability

2021: The Future is GeoengiNear

Interactive and educational website with information on different geoengineering strategies