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Social Inequality

During Challenges Online Week, students from across the world worked remotely on a group project to address an aspect of their Challenge. As part of their project, students created outputs including podcasts, social media campaigns, websites and apps and presented their work in the form of a video. The projects that the students produced in the Social Inequality Challenge are shown below

2021: The Real Minimum

A campaign to raise the minimum wage to the actual living wage for all ages


2021: Catch Up Club

Homework club for students who have been disadvantaged by the pandemic



2021: Plant Your Future

A website to make information accessible for low-income students to encourage them to attend the university

2021: wereutipsy

Campaign and survey about victim blaming. 

2021: Conscientious Aid Project

Website for start-ups and charities to help overcome inequalities when administering humanitarian aid

2021: It-Girl to Girl-Boss

Blog exploring the misrepresentation of women in film 1930-2020


An app and website to unlearn patriarchal behaviour and educate on consent

2021: Insulearn

Tackling global health inequalities, specifically for diabetes  

2021: Pinnexe

An app for Uni students to map instances of sexual violence around Exeter and plot safer routes to take


2021: Campaign for Climate Migrants

Educating youths about why there are climate migrants and what we can do to help them