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Loneliness and Mental Health

During Challenges Online Week, students from across the world worked remotely on a group project to address an aspect of their Challenge. As part of their project, students created outputs including podcasts, social media campaigns, websites and apps and presented their work in the form of a video. The projects that the students produced in the Loneliness and Mental Health Challenge are shown below

Covid-19 and Student Loneliness

Two of the university's Research Fellows, Charlotte Jones and Fred Cooper, argue that Covid-19 seems to be creating the conditions for new extremes of detachment and isolation amongst students. Find out more here


Business proposal for a team of student volunteers who will contact students in quarantine



The Networking Tree

Virtual Facebook community for people to interact along with a podcast to answer people’s questions



Friendli Connection

Friendli is an app designed by students, for students, to help everyone feel less lonely at university

Studious Six

App to help students connect better on campus

Yana, the Face of Wellbeing

Website to run alongside the wellbeing app offering opportunities and facilities that the University currently doesn’t

The Forum

University moderated social media connecting students with mutual interests

Your Exeter Family

Family system connecting students virtually despite Covid-19 restrictions

Exe Connect

App for university students and alumni to match people based on their interested

Connect 4!

Resource where people can find help for their mental health


Project to reconnect those that are lonely through playing online games


Peer-led society supporting students in reconnecting with university life

Student Wellbeing Network

Educational infographic on mental health, a resource and helpline booklet, and a Facebook page