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Future Food

During Challenges Online Week, students from across the world worked remotely on a group project to address an aspect of their Challenge. As part of their project, students created outputs including podcasts, social media campaigns, websites and apps and presented their work in the form of a video. This Challenge was previously called 'Food For Thought' in 2020 and has since been renamed to 'Future Food'. The projects that the students produced in the Future Food Challenge are shown below

2021: Plastic Track

An app to reduce waste while shopping by tracking the packaging of everything you have bought

2021: Eco Tracker

An app that rewards good, sustainable consumer choices via a points-based system




2021: Go for GMO

Campaign to raise awareness around genetically modified crops to sustain food security

2021: Let It Seed 

A proposal to enhance the social impact of the Exeter community garden through funding applications and incentives

2021: Seagreens

An educational website promoting the sustainability and health benefits of seaweed compared to fish

2021: Foods to Remember

A game designed to improve the nutritional efficiency of young children to improve healthy lifestyle

2021: Let’s Make People Eat Insects 

A cookbook providing a sustainable alternative to large stock agriculture

2021: Support Local Dairy

A government proposal and social media campaign to advocate for local dairy farming over factory farming in the UK


Podcast series with 3 episodes debunking myths around the issue of food waste 

Food 4 Tomorrow

Educational social media campaign podcast about pandemic-related UK food supply chain issues


An app that teaches people how to check how they can make their food choices more sustainable


App helping students take initial steps towards the EAT-Lancet diet to reach a more sustainable diet  

Future Food for Families

Educational resources created for non-for-profit, Kids Kitchen, teaching about plant-based recipes for children 

Wide Awake Cookbook

Cookbook that allows people to access micro- and macro-nutritional data as well as carbon footprint data

The Social Cookbook

Cookbook aiming helping first-years to make cooking more sociable

Future Farms

App to help UK farmers build resilience against the impacts of climate change 

The ExePress Pantry

Website community for charities in Exeter tackling food poverty & insecurity

Sustainability Rating

Project giving supermarkets an environmental rating 

Novel Tech

Pitching a novel product to charity, for storing grain for subsistence farmers 


 Podcast on the benefits of agroforestry aimed at farmers 

Sustainable Score

Labelling system to rate food products on their sustainability 

Sustainable Food Policy

Manifesto for local MPs looking at sustainable solutions to our food system