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Fighting Fake News

During Challenges Online Week, students from across the world worked remotely on a group project to address an aspect of their Challenge. As part of their project, students created outputs including podcasts, social media campaigns, websites and apps and presented their work in the form of a video. The projects that the students produced in the Fighting Fake News Challenge are shown below

2021: Media Literacy Initiative

Campaign on fighting misinformation to encourage young adults to participate in politics more

2021: The Fifth Estate 

An inquiry into the history of fake news: Roman history, witch craze, colonial myths and the Cold War's red scare 

2021: Trial by Error 

Visualising how accurate social media was in reporting the verdict in the murder trial of George Floyd

2021: Mass Media Misinformation

Aim to understand why people believe fake news

2021: Algorithm Assailants 

An investigation into whether anti-Asian hate can be enabled by social media algorithms 

2021: Misinformation and Disinformation

A podcast that explores the extent to which social media negatively shapes social influencers and corporations

2021: Social Platforms & Trust 

An investigation into how the credibility of misinformation is influenced by social media services

2021: VaxFacts

Social media's role in spreading COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

2021: Vaccine Myths 

Investigating who is at risk of the dangers of misinformation surrounding COVID-19 vaccine myths

2020: Fight Fake News

A website introducing media literacy and fake news

2020: Twitter Algorithms

Instagram campaign to raise awareness and accountability to fight fake news

2020: Reality Checker

A fact-checking app called ‘Reality Checker’

2020: EchoBreakers Society

Pitching the idea of a Podcast society that aims to inform on fake news

2020: Fake News Blitz

Podcast series about past examples of fake news 

2020: Ministerial Submission

The best ways of reducing the effects of misinformation on Facebook, in time of election

2020: University & Black Lives Matter

University policy to address racial inequality

2020: Black Lives Matter Action Day

Action day to raise awareness of the experiences of Black university students 

2020: SAPHO

In-app system analysing video content for misinformation, blended with AI and human input

2020: Sakuraka

A website that is designed to raise public awareness around misinformation, especially for COVID-19

2020: fightfakenews.exe

Instagram campaign to raise individual awareness and accountability to fight fake news

2020: From the Past to the Modern Day

A podcast discussing fake news, how it has been fought plus what we can learn

2020: Defending Democracy

Detailed policy brief to overhaul the curriculum