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Student Life

As experienced by a University of Exeter student studying at our Penryn campus

Exeter Scholars Support & Benefits

Benefits Packages

Completing the University of Exeter Scholars programme and graduating as an Exeter Scholar brings with it not only the prestigious title but also a wide range of benefits, details of which are outlined in this section.

Participants who decide that they wish to study for their degree at the University of Exeter will be given the opportunity to complete the Exeter Scholars online assessment and qualify as a Senior Scholar. An overview of the additional benefits that you will receive by doing this are also outlined here.

Ordinarily, the Exeter Scholar and Senior Scholar benefits packages are available to participants for one year beyond completion of their post-16 studies, in order to allow for any extended periods of study, a gap year, and / or deferred entry. However, if an Exeter Scholars participant knows at the point of submitting their UCAS application that their entry to university will be delayed as a result of exceptional circumstances, then it may be possible to extend this eligibility to two years beyond completion of their post-16 studies. Each case will be considered on an individual basis, and must be raised with the Exeter Scholars team as soon as possible.

NB: Completion of the national Pathways to Law and Realising Opportunities programmes are fast-track routes to qualifying as a University of Exeter Senior Scholar, and thereby accessing the Senior Scholar benefits package in addition to the reduction in entry requirements listed as part of your specific programme (PtL or RO) benefits. These fast-track routes mean that participants who complete these programmes are not required to complete the Exeter Scholars online assessment in order to access these benefits.

Exeter Scholar

The following benefits are available to participants who are actively taking part in the Exeter Scholars experience and who meet the minimum pass criteria for their subject activity strand:

  • An understanding of university life and an opportunity to hear directly from current university students about their experiences
  • Increased confidence to help you prepare for the transition to higher education
  • Learn more about a subject area of your choice before choosing whether to study it at university
  • Develop key skills and knowledge to help boost your university application and aid your current studies
  • The chance to make new friends
  • Support and guidance with completing your university application form
  • Financial support to cover all travel costs associated with completing Exeter Scholars
  • Exclusive access to an Exeter Scholars reception at September pre-application Open Days in both Exeter and Penryn
  • A travel bursary for travel costs to attend a University of Exeter Offer Holder Visit Day or admissions interviews

Exeter Scholars participants who apply to study at the University of Exeter will be guaranteed to receive an offer for their course of choice, subject to any interviews and / or subject-specific entry requirements*. The offer will also include a reduction in entry requirements in recognition of participation in this programme.

The grade reduction available is reviewed annually and published in June. As a guide, the current reduction in entry requirements for programme participants applying to join the University in September 2023 is 3 A Level grades or equivalent below a standard entry offer for the majority of courses, and 2 A Level grades or equivalent for BMBS Medicine.

* The offer guarantee is subject to applicants fulfilling any subject-specific and GCSE entry requirements. For programmes where interviews are required, applicants will be guaranteed an invitation to interview, but offers will be dependent on performance at interviews. For BMBS Medicine, applicants will also be required to have taken the required UCAT / GAMSAT test. Please note that UCAT / GAMSAT scores will not form part of the selection process prior to interview, but they may be taken into account in reaching final decisions on any offer post-interview. 

Senior Scholar

The following benefits are available to participants who decide to apply to study at the University of Exeter, have met the minimum pass criteria for their subject activity strand, and have passed the Exeter Scholars online assessment: 

  • The opportunity to participate in our Enhanced Induction Programme helping you to settle in as a student at the University of Exeter 
  • Exclusive access to a range of Exeter Scholars Awards, including the Exeter Scholars Attainment Award
  • A 'Transition to Student Life' financial support package, consisting of:
    • A three-year 16–25 Railcard or £70 supermarket voucher or £70 Amazon voucher or £70 One4All voucher
    • £100 towards Students' Guild / Students' Union society memberhsip or £100 towards gym membership or £100 towards Athletic Union membership (all to be used in first year only)
  • Additional consideration for your application to become an Exeter Student Ambassador (ESA)
  • Access to support and one-to-one guidance to help you secure and fund internship opportunities 
  • "Welcome to the Career Zone" networking event during Term 1
  • One-to-one support from an Academic Skills Advisor
  • Careers support for as long as you require it after graduation

This tab has been created to allow everyone who has graduated as a Senior Scholar to gain access to the full benefits package available to you. As well as signposting how you can access some of the face-to-face benefits, there is also a form to allow you to select your preferred benefits from the 'Transition to Student Life' financial support package.

We would encourage all Senior Scholars to make the most of the benefits on offer, and hope that they help you make the most of your time as a University of Exeter student.

The benefits claim form for Senior Scholars who will be joining the University of Exeter in September 2022 will be available in the two weeks following Results' Day in August 2022, once we have a full list of all Senior Scholars. This form will be emailed to all relevant students, to ensure that everyone receives this.