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Information for Graduation Volunteers

Many thanks for your interest in assisting at Graduation. We rely on the help of our volunteers to ensure the smooth running of our ceremonies, and so your assistance is greatly appreciated. Please see below for information regarding volunteering at the ceremonies. 

Volunteer Registration

An email will be sent to all Professional Services staff prior to Graduation asking for volunteers for the ceremonies. This email will contain a link to the online registration survey. 


During registration, you will be asked to specify any preferences you have regarding roles for the ceremony. We will try to take any preferences into consideration, but we cannot guarantee that any particular role will be available. The roles available for volunteers include the following: 


  • Front Marshal, Middle Aisle and Back Marshals - helping students find their seats and showing students where to go during the ceremony itself. 

  • Ramp on advising the students when to cross the stage. 

  • Door monitors in the Great Hall are combined with some of these roles and they also check guest tickets and help guests find free seats. 

  • Seat checker – checking that the student is sat in the correct seat in the correct row. 

  • Graduand support - helping students enter the hall quickly and find their seats, will be combined with the Marshals roles as above. 

  • Academic Marshal – will lead the academics onto the stage, directing them to their seats and will sit on stage during the ceremony. 

Balcony Door Monitors 

  • Balcony Door Monitors - checking guest tickets and helping guests find their seats.  Stay by the ingress and egress balcony doors during the ceremony in case of an evacuation. 

  • Door monitors in the Great Hall are combined with some of the roles above in the Marshals section, they also check guest tickets and help guests find free seats. 


Other roles 

  • Foyer meet and greet - providing information and directions in the communal areas/foyer. 

  • Graduation Info Point (based in the Forum) - providing information and directions from the Forum Street.  You will be provided an information pack to enable you to provide guidance on the day.

  • Cloakroom marshal – provide cloakroom support for students and guests. 


Volunteer Briefing

There will be a volunteer briefing for all volunteers prior to the ceremonies. Details of this briefing will be sent out by email in due course.