Karen Gallagher

Senior Fellow SFHEA

Active global citizenship

Name Karen Gallagher
Email k.m.gallagher@exeter.ac.uk
Position Sustainability Manager
College Campus Services

Providing opportunities for global citizenship

“Every [Green Consultants] project that I offer is something that I need doing to meet the annual Sustainability Action Plan or the Sustainability Strategy - so it’s real work. It gives students the opportunity to go through the process of inquiry-based learning: look at what the problem is, go out there find a solution then present me with their findings in a true consultancy fashion. We do this for different parts of the university [and] offer different projects… so they could be going doing waste audits... It is going out there. It is going through the bins and finding out actually what could have been recycled... this then informs our operational activities.”

Inquiry-based learning 

"The beauty of these schemes and opportunities is it gives the students the chance to get involved in practical sustainability"