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Cancellation Policy

If you have a contract with the University, we will cancel your contract if you give us written notice (by email or post to the Accommodation Office Team) that you wish to cancel the contact within five working days, beginning on the day after the date the agreement becomes binding. The agreement becomes binding on the date on which you receive an email entitled: Contract Formation Email form the University confirming that the contract has been formed.

If you fail to notify us within the five working day period, you can only terminate the accommodation agreement in accordance with the procedure set out in the accommodation agreement.

Applicants for the 2023/24 cycle should refer to our 2023-24 Cancellation Policy for further information.

Applicants for the 2022/23 cycle should refer to our 2022-23 Cancellation Policy for further information.

If you are resident in one of our nominated properties, your contract will be with our partners and you should refer to their websites for contractual information.

Once your contract is in place, you are only able to terminate your contract in accordance with the points set out in section 6.3 of the Terms and Conditions of Residence. You can find this within your accommodation account or there is a copy available on the website. 

If you feel that you can satisfy the conditions set out in section 6.3 of the Terms and Conditions then please read the information on our Contract Takeovers webpage to understand the process which you must follow.