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Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences will champion our work on ‘making progress towards creating a fair, socially just and inclusive society’.

About us

In a time of volatility, complexity and uncertainty, research and education across the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences are critical to unlocking human creativity, to engaging in a human-centred way with the world around us, and to building the inclusive understanding that will help us to co-create a better future.

The faculty is comprised of nine departments, all of which undertake fundamental discovery research, as well as applied activity and skills development and reflect areas of economic, social and cultural importance. The faculty hosts the University Societies and Cultures Institute (SCI) and the Faculty Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies (IAIS), which are key structures for further promoting interdisciplinarity within the faculty and across others.

We are committed to world–class scholarship, education and student experience. Our strengths in evaluating the past, our understanding of societies and cultures, our distinctive methodologies and our curiosity and application, enable us to bring human, social, cultural and professional considerations together to deepen disciplinary and cross–disciplinary understanding, to identify and address important future challenges and unlock opportunities.

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences! Our faculty brings together an exciting and diverse range of subjects addressing societal and civilisational development from antiquity to future possibilities.

We are home to some of the leading disciplinary groups globally, and we are also proud of our inter-disciplinary initiatives that focus on the big questions as they emerge, or even before they do, at the local, national, international, and global levels.

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Professor Gareth Stansfield

Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean

Our research

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We are a research intensive Faculty with staff and doctoral students conducting world leading research across all our disciplines. We are committed to delivering the highest calibre research and practice, encouraging a vibrant, collaborative and interdisciplinary culture based around both strategic and critical areas of expertise in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

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We have an outstanding record of winning external funding and building partnerships. Our Institutes, centres, networks and groups provide structure and support, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge exchange and impact.

Find out more by reading our End of Year Research Report for 2022/23.

Global Engagement

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Global Engagement is central to the vision of Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. We are proud to work with a wide range of stakeholders, including world-leading universities and alumni to expand our global reach and impact. We support and facilitate our colleagues to establish and strengthen new and existing partnerships, to tackle the great challenges of our time, to foster an environment for the vibrant interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, and to develop opportunities for our staff and students to enrich multicultural experience. We are committed to building an international community for students from more than 120 countries, and creating a globally excellent, socially just, and inclusive faculty.

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