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Top journal in Geography and Environmental Sciences edited in Exeter

The interdisciplinary journal Global Environmental Change, edited by Prof Neil Adger in Geography and Prof Katrina Brown in the Environment and Sustainability Institute, has been confirmed as the top journal in Geography with the release of the latest impact factors.

Impact factors measure the citations to papers published within the journal and reflect the importance of the work within and across disciplines. Global Environmental Change, with an Impact Factor of 6.87, ranks as first in Geography out of 73 journals; as first in Environmental Studies out of 89 journals and 4th in Environmental Sciences out of 205 journals.

‘This is a fantastic outcome of much hard work by the journal staff and the especially our international Editorial Board. The high regard for work in the journal demonstrates that interdisciplinary endeavour is the way forward on global challenges such as resource scarcity, ecosystem services and climate change’ says Professor Katrina Brown.

Geography ranking

RankJournalImpact factor
1 Global Environmental Change 6.868
2 Economic Geography 3.975
3 Progress in Human Geography 3.547
4 Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 3.536
5 Journal of Economic Geography 3.261
6 Applied Geography 3.082
7 Journal of Transport Geography 2.538
8 Annals of the Association of American Geographers 2.173
9 Landscape and Urban Planning 2.173
10 Antipode 2.150

Environmental Studies ranking

RankJournalImpact factor
1 Global Environmental Change 6.868
2 Annual Review of Environment and Resources 6.419
3 Regional Environmental Change 3.000
4 WIRES Climate Change 2.913
5 Energy Policy 2.723
6 Ecological Economics 2.713
7 Tourism Management 2.597
8 Environmental Impact Assessment Review 2.596
9 Ecology and Society 2.516
10 Journal of Environmental Psychology 2.400

Environmental Sciences ranking

RankJournalImpact factor
1 Energy and Environmental Sciences 9.610
2 Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 9.113
3 Environmental Health Perspectives 7.036
4 Global Environmental Change 6.868

Date: 11 July 2012

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