Angus Buckling

Research Group

Research and Associate Research Fellows: Andrea Dowling, Adela Lujan, Elze Hesse, Siobhan O'Brien, Pawel Sierocinski, Christina van HouteEdze Westra

Technicians: Florian Bayer, Daniela Farina  Suzanne Kay,  Nicole Parr

PhD Students: Peter Stilwell, Sean Meaden

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BIO2414 Evolutionary Ecology

Professor Angus Buckling

Professor of Evolutionary Biology


I work on the evolutionary ecology of microbes, primarily by studying evolution in real time in controlled environments (experimental evolution).  Research interests range from developing and testing general evolutionary ecology theory (host-parasite coevolution, social evolution, evolution of species diversity, evolution within community contexts) to more applied issues (evolution of virulence, antimicrobials, biomethane production, heavy metal bioremediation). 

I am also a member of the Centre for Ecology and Conservation in the Department of Biosciences, College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

Research publication titles

Research interests

  • Evolution of Biomethane communities
  • Social evolution of heavy metal remediation
  • Bacteria-phage coevolution
  • Evolution of pathogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Evolutionary phage therapy


1998 PhD  Evolutionary Biology (University of Edinburgh)
1995 BSc (Joint Hons) Psychology/Zoology (University of Bristol)


2011 Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Biosciences, University of Exeter
Lecturer of Zoology, University of Oxford
2007-2010 Tutorial Fellow in Zoology, Magdalen College, University of Oxford
2004-2009 Royal Society University Research Fellow, Zoology,  University of Oxford
2001-2004 Royal Society University Research Fellow, Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath
1998-2001 Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Plant Sciences,  University of Oxford

Contact details

Telephone +44 (0) 1326 255794
Building Environment and Sustainability Institute
Room 1.35
Address University of Exeter 
Penryn Campus
Cornwall TR10 9FE