Int Relations

International Relations: Security, Conflict and Peace

Academic Coordinator: Dr Stephane Baele

Campus: Streatham

Session: Session 1 & Session 2

This stimulating course will provide you with the opportunity to engage with some of the most challenging and pressing issues of international relations and conflict.  You will explore the main characteristics of today’s global security environment, from terrorism to tensions produced by climate change, from nuclear proliferation to the migration crisis.   

You will consider how various schools of thought can decisively strengthen our analysis of  these issues, which will lead to an appreciation of the complex role of factors like military capabilities, economic structures, international institutions, identities and ideologies, or language and emotions.

Teaching will be delivered by leading experts on international affairs, conflict, security and peace studies, who have published in the most respected journals of the field. The programme  adopts a dynamic format of interactive lectures and seminars, and will include a negotiation simulation, a policy role play and extensive discussions on cutting-edge research, in an enriching multicultural setting.

Key texts

Alan Collins, Contemporary Security Studies (3rd ed. Oxford, 2013)
Christian Reus-Smit and Duncan Snidal, The Oxford Handbook of International Relations (OUP)

More information on the structure of the programme and our teaching style can be found on our Academic Programme page.  If you have any questions please email  

"After my experience with the International Summer school, I have been empowered and gained skills that will make me a better player on the international front."- Naa Quaynor-Mettle, Asheshi University, Ghana