"An amazing and unforgettable opportunity." - Caidengzhouga, China University of Political Science and Law.

International Summer School

How do I apply?

Please complete the online application form to apply. If you are a student from a partner university seeking a scholarship, please note that we will be seeking recommendations from your partner university.

If you have any trouble completing the form please email iss@exeter.ac.uk.

What supporting documents are required with my application?

  • An academic transcript
  • If English is not your first language, please enclose a copy of your certificate with this application, or supply proof of an equivalent level of competence
  • An academic reference from your existing university

When will I find out if my application has been successful?

You will be told whether you have a place usually within one week of submitting your application.  If your application is incomplete we will contact you be email requesting any missing information or documents. 

Terms and conditions

Please note the following terms and conditions when applying for the International Summer School.