"An experience I will never forget!" - Yong Jung Cho, Bryn Mawr College

International Summer School


The Law pathway is designed to offer a unique introduction to some of the key aspects of English, European and International Law, an insight into British and European culture and thought, and an opportunity to reflect on some of the key themes in the current global agenda. Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the European legal systems i.e. the English common law system as well as the European Treaty based system, with special reference to human rights law and international concepts. Students will have the opportunity to contribute and to apply their newly acquired skills through interactive sessions in lectures, during mooting competitions, and in their written assessment.

Mooting competition

A moot competition is a simulated legal argument before an appellate court. Mooters must research the law relevant to the problem, prepare written submissions and present their argument orally to the moot judge. Moot problems may be about any area of law, but often focus on issues that are contentious or on developing areas of law. The benefits of mooting are manifold. Mooting affords participants the opportunity to develop their understanding of the law and improve their skills in legal research and analysis. Mooters learn to develop and defend legal arguments and to work closely with their teammates towards a common goal, in a way that serves to increase confidence and improve public speaking skills. Mooting allows for interaction between students and members of academic staff, practitioners and judges, in a rewarding environment.

The International Summer School mooting programme will involve lectures explaining the processes and procedures of mooting as well as interactive exercises so you can practice your mooting skills. Following the initial mooting training, you will have the opportunity to participate in a moot competition – practice is the best way to hone your mooting skills.

Timetable and reading list

To view the 2013 timetable and reading list click on the links below:

Law timetable  

Law reading list

If you have any questions please email iss@exeter.ac.uk.

I graduated from the University of Konstanz/ German and obtained my PhD from the University of Birmingham. I am currently the director of LLB European/Magister and the LLB with international Law, and the course coordinator for EU Law. In January 2012, I was awarded a Senior Fellowship by the Higher Education Authority, an independent recognition of sustained effectiveness and academic leadership in teaching and enhancing the student learning experience, combined with scholarship, research and professional activities.

Dr Greta Bosch, Academic Coordinator for the Law pathway.