"The program was well balanced giving just the proper amount of lectures and course work along with free-time and day trips." - Joshua Leigh, University of South Florida, USA

International Summer School

International Management

With the rise in economic prowess of emerging economies and their multinational enterprises, coupled with the international dominance of some sectors by more established multinationals, we need to reassess the management and strategic challenges facing all firms whose activities span national boundaries.

Through this pathway we explore the interplay between multinational enterprise, the countries in which they do business, and the competitive environment in which they operate. Drawing upon aspects of corporate strategy, national and international politics, corporate and consumer ethics and managerial effectiveness, the pathway enables students to gain a systematic understanding of the current tensions and opportunities of managing across borders.

Learning is developed through integrating lectures, class discussion, and case study analysis with students able to apply their specific country knowledge to our deliberations, thereby enhancing our collective understanding of international management.

Professor David Boughey is the Academic Coordinator for the International Management pathway.

Timetable and reading list

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International Management timetable

International Management reading list

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The idea of studying in England, a country I wanted to put on my map, sounded irresistible. The idea of studying an unfamiliar subject in a foreign country sounded even more exciting. At the time of application, the combined stress of senior thesis, job searching and graduation anxiety was weighing down on me. I knew that I needed to see all the choices before me from a wider perspective. The University of Exeter’s International Summer School provided just that and much more.

I chose to study the International Management Pathway for the summer. The class was surprisingly relevant to my interests. Professor David Boughey and other instructors were exemplary at drawing on multiple sources to tackle problems in international management. As a class we asked some fundamental questions about wealth, knowledge, diversity and management. Many of those questions are equally central to the field of education.

The people I met from the University of Exeter were very open and easy-going. So, I felt free to laugh as loud as I pleased. The diversity of the group was essential to the quality of my intellectual and social life at Exeter. I spent much time during the summer having impromptu conversations with my classmates from all over the world. I continue some of those conversations today via emails, Facebook and postcards.

Linkai Jiang, Haverford College,

International Summer School Alumni - studied on the International Management pathway.