Bayesian analysis with JAGS/Topics in Bayesian analysis

Presented by Andrei Zhirnov, University of Exeter

The University of Exeter Q-Step Centre workshop
Date12 May 2020
Time14:00 to 16:30
PlaceClayden Computational Lab

One of the advantages of Bayesian analysis is its great flexibility with respect to the functional form of the model. To take full advantage of this flexibility, the analyst need to know how to write code for Stan, JAGS, BUGS or a similar sample.

In this workshop, we will learn the basics of modelling with JAGS (“Just Another Gibbs Sampler”) and R. As an application, we will work through the estimation of simple multi-level models and models with measurement errors.


Booking is not needed, however please arrive early as seating is limited.

ProviderThe University of Exeter Q-Step Centre

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