The ESRC Festival of Social Sciences takes place between 1 and 8 November 2014.

Writing together: exploring the power of coaching in writing

How can writing can be developed through a coaching approach?

A Festival of Social Science research event
Date7 November 2014
PlaceMercure Southgate Hotel, Exeter


This event brings together a professional writer, writing researchers, A Level students and Year 7 students to explore how writing can be developed through the use of coaching.

It draws on ESRC-funded studies by the Exeter Centre for Research in Writing which highlight the importance of learning to talk about and evaluate writing choices.

In the morning, A-level students will be introduced to current research and taught how to support younger writers.

A professional writer will then lead Year 7 students in a creative workshop where they will work with their coaches to produce exciting pieces of writing!

More information about the host:

Dr Annabel Watson is a member of the leading Centre for Research in Writing. She is a Lecturer in Language Education whose research interests focus on how writing is taught.

Closed event

Please note that this is a closed event for invited school teachers and children. However, if you are interested in these topics please contact Dr Annabel Watson.

ProviderFestival of Social Science
OrganizerAnnabel Watson

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