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Investigative Journalism Career Workshop

Am interactive workshop aiming to give you a taste of what is involved in investigative journalism and tips on cutting through the spin, how to construct a story from evidence and oulets for publishing.

A College of Social Sciences and International Studies employability event
Date30 May 2012
Time14:00 to 15:30
PlaceBuilding One

Pearson Teaching Room

Investigative Journalism Career Workshop with investigative journalist, freelance writer, and Exeter alumnus Chris Ames. Chris writes about politics, freedom of information, secrecy, and the media and publishes in The Guardian, the New Statesman, and elsewhere. He has written extensively about the Iraq War and maintains the website iraqdossier.com and the blog Spin and Spinners.Attend this interactive workshop to learn more about...Careers in journalism; Sources for investigative journalism, especially Freedom of Information; outlets for publishing investigative journalism; journalism versus churnalism and the need to cut through spin; how to construct a story from evidence and what the possibilities are for careers in investigative journalism

ProviderCollege of Social Sciences and International Studies
OrganizerJulia Paci
Chris_Ames_Workshop_May__12.pdfInvestigative Journalism workshop poster (293K)

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