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Mood Disorders Centre G17

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Jennifer Lau (Kings College London) - The adolescent social brain: age-typical changes and individual differences in anxiety

A Mood Disorders Centre seminar
Date14 October 2016
Time12:00 to 13:00
PlaceMood Disorders Centre G17

Mood Disorder Centre Think-Tank seminar series. All welcome.

Jennifer Lau (Kings College London) will be giving a seminar with the title 'The adolescent social brain: age-typical changes and individual differences in anxiety'.

The Think-Tank seminar series is organised by Heather O’Mahen, Lorna Cook, Matthew Owens-Solari and Matthew Lomas (mdcadmin@exeter.ac.uk).


Adolescence is a period of transition; individuals move away from the family to developing their own independent social ties and networks. Concurrently, changes in social cognition and regions of the social brain occur. While most adolescents find the increased sociability and their friendships rewarding, for some young people, social experiences can be thought of as threatening and anxiety-provoking. In this talk, we first consider age-typical changes in social behaviour and social cognition. Next we examine the neurocognitive factors that make social experiences more anxiety-provoking for some young people. Finally, we present preliminary data on experimental interventions that can help to challenge biased cognitive styles.

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