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Amory A115

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Current Affairs and Biblical Studies Postgraduate Training Workshop

A seminar and roundtable discussion with Professor James Crossley

A Centre for Biblical Studies research event
Date24 May 2017
PlaceAmory A115

This PG workshop seeks to explore how biblical studies is relevant today in relation to current affairs and in particular in relation to the recently announced General Election to be held on June 8th 2017. Prof. James Crossley from St. Mary’s Twickenham is a specialist in the influence of biblical language on past and present British political discourses and will give a short paper on the topic followed by Q & As. After a refreshment break we will then hold a student-chaired roundtable with Prof. Crossley and other internal staff members to discuss biblical studies, current affairs and the state of biblical studies careers particularly for early career researchers. The relationship between biblical studies and contemporary society has traditionally tended to be seen through the lens of church and preaching, but this session will consider the Bible’s relationship with current societal matters in a less confessional framework. We expect this activity to benefit attendees by demonstrating how biblical studies extends beyond academic theory and preaching into areas of application and praxis in addition to insights into employability in the field. It will encourage current and prospective PGRs to look at how biblical studies relates to the modern world and will broaden their conceptual horizons in relation to their field and the relevance of their work. Refreshments will be provided in the break after Prof. Crossley’s talk and before the roundtable.

ProviderCentre for Biblical Studies

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