'Real and imaginary mobility in the Brown Atlantic: the case of Teresa Margarida da Silva Orta' (a joint seminar with the Exeter Centre for Latin American Studies)

Dr Ana Martins (ML, Exeter) presents work from her AHRC-funded Project

A Centre for Translating Cultures seminar
Date23 May 2018
Time15:30 to 17:30

Dr Martins holds an award (2018-20) under the AHRC Early Career Leadership Fellows scheme entitled 'Women of the Brown Atlantic: Real and Imaginary Passages in Portuguese 1711-2011'. A short project abstract follows: The project provides an innovative set of conceptual, theoretical and methodological tools for investigating how black women’s experiences of mobility in the Brown (i.e., Lusophone) Atlantic have been remembered, with particular emphasis on how the relation between real experiences of mobility and their imagination and theorisation may be traced. It interrogates, from the viewpoint of Lusophone black women’s long-term omission from critical paradigms and epistemologies, the constraints that space-oriented conceptual frames, specifically the archive metaphor, impose on the theorisation of the storage of memory. It develops a new framework for claiming untheorised gendered and queer memory sites of the Brown Atlantic by introducing the potentially field-changing metaphor of the rainbow, derived from an Afro-Brazilian popular saying.

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