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Peter Lanyon LT4

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David McKay on Trump, the Republican Party and Populism

Donald Trump and American Populism: A Passing Insurgent or Sea change in the US political landscape?

A College of Social Sciences and International Studies lecture
Date27 November 2017
Time17:00 to 19:00
PlacePeter Lanyon LT4

In this talk David McKay will place the Trump phenomenon in historical context and argue that a unique set of circumstances have facilitated the rise of Trump. These include profound changes in the Republican Party, demographic change and the effective use of new forms of communication. While the political outcomes of these changes are deeply disturbing, he will argue that the strength of US civil society and the checks and balances in the Constitution will likely serve to check the worst excesses of Trumpism. The longer term prospects are a probable return to relative political normality.

ProviderCollege of Social Sciences and International Studies

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