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Peter Lanyon LT1

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The Common Line: digital-art geographies, immersive experiences and dislocations

A Centre for Geography, Environment and Society seminar
Date7 February 2019
Time16:30 to 18:00
PlacePeter Lanyon LT1

Planting trees is a legacy project. Something that is done for future generations that we will not fully experience ourselves in our lifetimes. New developments in digital immersion through layered and virtual realities can help us to imagine what is not physically living and growing, or what something might be or feel like in the future. The aim of The Common Line is to make a project that lasts at least 100 years. That’s nothing for a tree planting project – but an extraordinary length of time to make digital interactions publicly available. In planting The Common Line together we want to prompt thought and dialogue around ideas of land ownership, stewardship and the value of trees beyond ecosystem services. Perhaps more importantly, to inspire participation and action from publics in tree planting activities through the conjuring of virtual trees, in ways that will always be different to what we can see and hear in the landscapes and urban environments around us. Come and hear about the work, and the ideas on which it is based.

OrganizerJane Wills

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